Success Stories

These are some of the people that believed in themselves, used our system and changed their lives. I hope that these stories inspire you to change your life.

The common sense says that all the results can vary since we are all unique and different. Basically, it is required hard work to get a substantial income in this business and there are people who will not earn any money. The income of a Lazy Millionaires League affiliate fully depends on your skills, determination, commitment, leadership and market conditions. The common sense could suggest that in most of the opportunities we can find amazing individuals that have a revenue way above average, while others have a revenue below average. TThe Lazy Millionaires League doesn’t assure any level of income or your success. You can see our Declaration of Average Income.

Cesarina Gomes & Sílvio Fortunato

Carla & Mário


Rita & Nuno


Seneida y Alejandro


Paula Gracia


Melissa & Rui Gabriel