Paula Garcia went from $200 a month to $150,000.00 in two years


Hi! Silvio Fortunado here and today I bring you other interview with a dear friend of mine. She has an amazing story. She is a fighter, she fights for her dreams and for her happiness and I admire her so much for all the things she accomplished and she came to this business with no experience on the Internet Marketing world. Her name is Paula Garcia and she’s from Portugal.

Paula and her story

I met Paula five years ago and we lived lots of things together. She has always had an entrepreneur spirit and she was raised to go to school, learn a professional and find a job like most people. She never liked the idea of having a boss and of waking up really early and not making the kind of money she wanted and that would allow her to fulfill her dreams. So she decided to build a company, have her own business, be her own boss and she did it for 5 years. She settled a real estate company with a partner but the crisis affected them. They didn’t have any experience and after 5 years of hard work, she realized it wasn’t what she wanted because it was another kind of prison and she wasn’t making the kind of money that she wanted. She was just injecting the money on the company and not getting any of it back since she had so many debts. She realized that she had to try something else and she needed to have some sort of income coming in. She had to leave her company and go back to having a boss and it was very hard for her but she needed that money. She knew it wasn’t going to be for long. One day, her boss called her to his office with a letter in his hand saying that the bank was going to pawn her salary due to all the debts she had. She “did the maths” and she found out that she had to live with 200 dollars a month. She didn’t know what she was going to do so she was depressed for a while. Then she thought to herself: “What the hell did I do? I’ve worked all my life. I don’t deserve this.” She knew it was up to her to change it so she looked up on the Internet for a second job or some sort of income stream. She was looking for a job but all she got was business opportunities and one called her attention saying: “You can work from home and make money blogging.” She was confused since she didn’t know what it was. She thought it was perfect for her after she realized what it was since she could keep her job and come home and have time to generate income stream. She looked and looked and had no idea how she was going to do it but she knew she had to do it. She had a feeling it was going to be her chance of having a business again but not like the one she had that required lots of investment and headaches. She thought that if she worked from home she could have her own time, she would run her own business and she could do everything on the Internet. Even though she was excited, it was a hard time due to her lack of experience. She had no idea what she was doing and made lots of mistakes. But she never gave up. She knew it was going to be her chance. She was surviving with those 200 dollars but she knew it was just a phase and that was happening for a reason.

How she found me

It was showing her the right way and she only stopped looking when she found me, registered on my website and she looked through it, thinking that she had no idea what I was talking about. Her lack of experience was preventing her from understanding. She was always receiving emails from me and not understanding any of them, so she deleted them. She never unsubscribed me though and when day she received an email with the title: The Success Formula. It took her 8 months to finally read my emails. This is a lesson for everyone to see that not all leads come back to you on the next day. It takes time. The title called her attention so she decided to give me a try and listen to what I had to say. She went to a web conference and it changed her life forever because as she was listening to me it was like she was listening to her own story so she understood why she wasn’t successful. She listened to my elephant story where I tell that an elephant was born and raised with a string attached to his foot and that he was always trying to break free from it so he tried over and over again but he just wasn’t strong enough to get it so he gave up right when he was about to make it. She felt has if she had that string attached to her foot. Something was holding her down and it was all in her head. She had the power to break free and to achieve the dreams she forgot about because she was surviving. She felt hope when she knew what I had achieved and she thought to herself: “If this guy can do it, why can’t I? If I talk to him, see what he’s doing and meet the people he’s working with, maybe I can work with him too.” In that night, she cried her eyes out and it was a very important moment for her. So she started working with me and on the following week she came to another web conference and she found people just like her, meaning, crazy people that do things differently. She felt home and she knew she was going to fulfill her dream. She contacted Rui and he invited her to his Internet Marketing business. She went to a presentation. As she started listening to the values she thought: “Where the hell am I going to get the money?” She really wanted to join in and she told him she didn’t have any money and that’s when she told him her story. He told her if she could survive with only 200 dollars she could inspire people. She was very motivated. She knew she had to trust people who knew more than her and were already fulfill their dreams. She just had to follow them. She really wanted to work in the beaches of the world just like me and it is possible because all you need is a computer. That motivated her. She is an example that you can achieve all you want with the right Mindset.

“It’s never because you don’t have the money, it’s because you don’t have the will”

She always followed me and she never doubted me. It was difficult for her to get the money but people always find a way. It’s overcoming the fear in your head that is difficult. It’s never because you don’t have the money, it’s because you don’t have the will. It’s because people don’t believe in themselves and that was her struggle. It was a fight inside her. Paula also had a struggle with others because people consider that this isn’t a real job and that people like us don’t like to work. She was living with someone and he never supported her with her business, not even with her traditional business so she was basically on her own but he was there to point his finger at her and say that it wasn’t working and she wasn’t taking any money home. Even worse than when you’re alone, it’s when you’re not alone because when you’re alone you think with your own head. She had others pressuring her. She had two jobs. She was always working and was very committed to that. He didn’t understand why and actually said she was crazy but she never gave up because she knew it was her way. The only person that always supported her was her father, even when he thought things weren’t going to work he was there for her. She was feeling pressured by the people around her saying what they thought it was the best for her life. She knew she couldn’t listen to them and she had to follow her heart. She always chose things that made her happy.

Back to nothing

 In the end of 2010, when her father died, she was really sad because he was the only person that supported her, he was her hero. It was a real blow to her because she felt alone. After 6 weeks, almost Christmas day, she got fired from the 200 dollar job and because she still had her real estate company she wasn’t entitled to receive any support from the government. She was back to square one but she decided not to look for another job since she was starting the business with me. She decided to dedicate herself to it because it was the way. When she got fired, she had no idea what she was going to do. But actually, that was what she had been asking for all year. She needed to get rid of that job to dedicate herself to her business and that was her opportunity. She wasn’t brave enough to quit so she got fired. She even thanked her boss. The problem was that she needed to tell her boyfriend what had happened. But she did it and in the next day he invited her to leave. To this point, she had no job and no home. She faced that as another turning point because he was dragging her down. She called Rui on Skype and he knew that her situation was what she needed to change her life. As I always say, you can choose between a good thing or a bad thing. She had the courage to change her life and she was influenced by others around her that also thought like her. She obtained the right Mindset from all the group. She kept the idea that the most important things in our lives is our dream, even more important than family because if we don’t make our dreams come true we won’t make our family happy. She chose the things that made her happy. She learnt to see the bad things as an opportunity.

You only live once

Most people are facing unemployment right now and that depresses them. So they look for another job in the same area and that’s not the right idea. That is an opportunity to reinvent themselves, an opportunity to make something different. It’s time to find a new solution and Internet Marketing is the way to the future because you can be your own boss, you manage your schedule and you can acquire new skills. Of course that the idea of the unknown makes people uncomfortable but you need to have the bravery to still go. You only live once. Paula found love inside the group and she earn over 150k and can’t even believe that she was able to achieve so much. The last two years were life changing for her. She earned a lot of money and she got an extra bonus, Jorge. She never really had a relationship where she felt that she was loved. This is what happens when you change inside. She had to change to herself first in order to attract someone like Jorge. You don’t need to be afraid of change and you can never do it if you sit around and wait for things to change. You have to go and look for it. We change when we surround ourselves with positive people, when you read different books and when you go to webinars and live events.

Money is only a symbol for change

Money is only a symbol for change. If you want to improve you quality of life, you have to surround yourself with people with a different quality of life. You have the responsibility to change. It’s a little scary to get out of your comfort zone and to face the unknown but it never scared her because she’s adventurous. Everything that you want is not on your comfort zone. After she got fired and her ex-boyfriend told her to leave, she had to go back to her mother’s house. She had to live in a room made out of a small office for three years. Now she has her own house, she’s living with her boyfriend and they have an amazing life together. She’s surrounded with friends and she gets to travel a lot. She absorbed what her new friends had to teach her and she got to have whatever they had, did what did, thought like they thought.  There’s no price for happiness.

What changed about her mother?

Her mother used to point the finger at her and tell her what she could do and not do. Paula’s mother never supported her but Paula still did what she wanted to do. She had to prove her mother that her own choices were right and so she did it. Now she sees respect in her mother’s eyes. She’s happy for her daughter. Paula knows all the things her mother said and did were only to protect her, even though she was hurting her. Now her mother changed and she’s proud of her. She can see that her daughter’s life changed. Her faced shifted the moment she knew that her own daughter could afford a trip to the USA. That is when she started to believe in Paula and in what she was doing. Paula can be peaceful and this is a very big lesson to not ever give up your dreams and people around you will eventually learn to respect that. I, myself, chose to surround myself with people that have accomplished what I wanted to accomplished and it means they can teach me how to do it. For example, I paid 20k for a MasterMind for one year; so that I could be around someone and see what he did and how he did it.

Final Thoughts

I really love Paula and I admire her for all she has accomplished and for all her bravery. She’s able to inspire so many people right now and that is magical. She thanked me for being a “pain in the ass” and keep sending her all those emails. I made her believe and it’s wonderful the way she talks about my work and my dedication to my team. Her advice to you is to never give up your dreams, not matter what you are going through because all the problems can be changed if you just assume it’s your responsibility. There is a chance for you to change your life, you just have to believe and act. Choose to be happy!

Thank you all and see you on the next video.

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