Lazy Way

The Lazy Millionaires League are a group of enterpreneurs united with the same goal. The Lazys are a true movement.

The two first videos explain to you what the lazys are and what structure is assembled to support them. The other videos try to comply the hard task to show you our culture, our magic, and the way we feel and we make things, enjoying life and making the difference. These feelings are very hard to fight against. The best is to live them with us.

The best of two worlds online and offline.

All our activity can be developed online but we have created a very strong structure outside the Internet with the purpose of knowing each other in person, of learning, of having fun and of cooperating personally. It?s in our live events that the true magic happens. Come strengthen this movement joining your skills and personality to so many other people that share the spirit of evolution, cooperate in a rarely seen synergy.

Who are the Lazy Millionaires League?
The Lazys are more than a group of entrepreneurs, are a real movement, you will not be alone in this crusade, always have many group members who can turn to when you need help, we are more than a group, we are a real family.


LifeXtreme Algarve Congress Center- Herdade dos Salgados
Team Building Activity, Cart Cross and Paint Ball following by a spetacular scene in Evaristo, in Evaristo beach- Algarve


Summary of Saturday Event Lifextreme – Algarve Congress Center – Herdade dos Salgados
The second day of LifeXtreme was magical.


Team Building LifeXtreme Fátima
It was an amazing day spent in Monges park in Alcobaça.


Days at the office in the center
This time it was the Association of Voluntary Firemen of São Jorge, the sharing, the experience and knowledge exchange.


What are the days at the office?
Once a month in several cities of the world, the lazy Millionaires gather live with the purpose to clarify the questions that might have been answered online.


Team Building in Quinta das Silveiras ? Leiria
Out of nowhere, without any musical experience, all the lazys working as a team with the right leader have played in a marvelous melody in the end of the test.


Lifestyle day – Leiria LifeXtreme
We have promoted the lyfestyle day for the Lazy Elite Leadership and for the Lazy Leadership Council. This time it was in a spa in Nazaré


Leiria LifeXtreme? Summary
Magical moments in Leiria LifeXtreme


Lazy Millioniares Anthem
Hugo Rico made the Lazy anthem. If the national football team knows about this, they will want him 🙂


Fun, fun and more fun
First Team Building in the Monges park. It was a memorable day for all.


Day at the office
Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish work from pleasure.