Lazy Cares

Social Action Group

I co-founded GAS – Social Action Group. Get to know some of the amazing projects we have made or that are being developed.

Our moto is to enjoy life and to make the difference. Our project hasn?t only the purpose to financially help. It can open the door of an amazing service world for you. The little strength all together make great movements. An ocean makes a drop seam meaningless but it wouldn’t be the same without that drop. Join your drop to ours and let´s make an ocean of solidarity.

Mission Benin
This is the ongoing mission. We have examined the necessities of a kindergarten in Benin. In our live event, we have asked all the Lazys who wanted to help. Here is the result.

Shelter of Peniche
Intervention with furniture and improvement of the conditions in the temporary center for children at risk.

Guinea Mission Summary
The Lazys bought 5 cars, 5 trucks, took an ambulance offered by the Voluntary Firemen of Cela and took them filled with hospital resources, school books, clothes and toys from Leira to Guinea Bissau, delivering all to several local institutions.

The CMTV invited the Lazys to talk about the mission in Guinea Bissau
This time, it was CMTV who invited us to talk about our humanitarian mission to Guinea Bissau

TVI followed the beginning of the trip
We have left from the Castle of Mós to Guinea Bissau and TVI was thereRTP talks about the Guinea Mission

RTP talks about the Guinea Mission
Before the injection of the mission, RTP invited us to go to the TV show Portugal no Coração (Portugal in the heart) to talk about our mission.

Christmas Studio
The voluntaries of Lazy Millionaires assured during the two weeks of Christmas studios of the Association of Voluntary Firemen of São Jorge. These studios allowed the children to be entertained with several activities during Christmas holidays.