Inside a Multimillionaire Internet Marketing business


Have you ever wondered what’s really missing in your Internet Marketing business for it to pass to the 7 digits?

I’ve asked myself that question a thousand times, what would I be doing wrong, or which I would not be doing differently to some industry leaders that I could see achieving 7-digit business incredibly fast and apparently easily.

I knew they weren’t smarter than me, I was as much or more handworker than them and yet why couldn’t I reach the same level of success?
So I decided to embark on a very special personal mission:

Identify the top 5 billionaires within the industry, become their friend and partner so I could learn from them, put into practice everything they taught me, and in the process of shaping their success, teaching what was learning and discovering.

Reveal the structure that made me come up with a business that already invoiced several million dollars.

My passion is to be the facilitator of a new generation of digital entrepreneurs, be the support that I hadn’t in the beginning of my business.

This is not a normal post, I will call it a super post, because from this post it will born much content.

In addition each of the steps described in this super post I will do webinars, videos, additional posts so that everything is as well documented as possible.
So this is a reference document that I invite you to regularly follow as it evolves and is updated over time.

From this content will be born my new book and probably a digital product, to follow the progress of the content you will not only have first-hand free access as to shape to what we teach you, you can achieve as much or more success than me.

And to make things more interesting I will also create a business from scratch and I will document all the progress and the steps that I will be doing. With this, I want to show you two things, the first is that I don’t teaching theory, I teach exactly what I do, or better, I lead for example. Secondly I’m going to demonstrate that making money online is a process that after you know it, it can be duplicated over and over again almost scientifically, managing to predict the outcome in advance.

Let me start by presenting myself better. I have a video for it and I would love that you present yourself on the video post, so I can get to you better too. I can even go further, so you can see how committed I am to help you.After watching the video with my story and presenting yourself, you can fill in this form, describing your business nowadays and I and some elements of my staff we will analyze your form and give you a 30 minutes free consultation so that you can have some advice of what to change immediately and thus progress to the next level.

I will also offer you my book “O Facilitador” (The Facilitator), in addition to describe my story and some stories of some of the people who I have helped get their freedom, I describe many things to take into account within a business Internet Marketing, see it here: how to get access to my book.

As you can see I take my role as facilitator seriously, I do my part. Are you willing to do yours?

Access logbook here.

Let’s start:

What is necessary to build a Billionaire Internet Marketing business?

1 – Right attitude or Mindset

  • Either it works or it works
  • Do what it takes
  • This is a marathon not a sprint
  • Business is our life, our life is business
  • When the why is strong and where does it come
  • In business as in life there’s always ups and downs. It’s not always up and it’s not always down
  • Save when you’re up so that you can be comfortable when you’re down. Generally, what people do when their businesses grow is to buy things at credit. They weaken their standard of living. When the next down phase comes it will be very difficult to handle and to leave that down phase
  • Use a good part of the earnings so that they generate more earnings and not more commitments
  • From the other part of the earnings, settle all the credits in your life as soon as possible

2 – Offer(s) that convert well

  • If possible convert your passion in a great deal. If your passion does not have the potential to become a great deal, choose a great deal and make it your passion
  • Definition of the target audience for this offer, what are the people who already seek and want what you have to offer

3 – Right mentors and support community

  • Identify the top 5 influencers of your market
  • Buy their products
  • Go to their Masterminds
  • Shape them
  • Sign your Newsletter
  • Make them earn a lot of Money
  • Conquer their trust and respect
  • Help them and they help you
  • Be those mentors’ best case study
  • In time, you’ll be the same. He teaches you and you teach them. You are friends and business partners
  • Use the Japanese technique: copy him, improve him, overcome him, make his 10 your 0, make your 0 your 10, when you get to your 10 turn that 10 into your 0 and repeat the process infinitively. Remember that there is always room to improve

4 – YOU as business center

  • Having your headquarters (info hub)
  • Having a good marketing staff
  • Teaching from your own history and experience
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Video

Become the authority to your list and your niche

  • celebrity status
    • photos, interviews with celebrities of your niche
    • Credibility by association
    • Writing a book is the fastest way to being seen as an expert, as an authority on a subject, it opens doors for interviews in the media

5 – Traffic generation domain

  • Solo ads
  • Networks
  • Facebook
  • JV (Joint Ventures)
  • Organic Traffic

6 – How to convert that traffic into contacts -> Clients -> your fans and your products

  • Capture Page
  • Pre-Selling
  • VSL
  • Tracking
    • Email sequence
    • Webinars
    • Direct Mail
    • Live events
    • Telephone/Skype
  • Front End
  • Back End

Promote your results as the results of thepeople who you are helping

Document your progress over time, see here an example:

7 – Continuous investment in your knowledge

  • For your life to change, you have to change first
    • We change for the books we read and by the people with whom we relate to
    • To value the market, you have to have that value to give
    • How to value the market: Teaching how to solve that market’s problems, teaching that market to get what it wants

8 – Massive action

  • Speed of Execution
  • If it is to get rich is better to be fast than slow
  • There is nothing wrong in managing to change your life in the next three months and not the next three years or the next 30 years. What is good about the Internet is the speed. Would you be able to implement all this in 3 months? NO, but I believe that in three months focusing on more productive tasks you can change your financial life and from there build the foundation for building your empire
  • Productive Daily Tasks
    • Extend the list
    • Emails to the list 80% content / 20% sale
    • Sell to the list
    • 80% promote the content / 20% create the content
  • Consistency and Persistence
  • Remember that the hard part is not getting there but to stay there

9 – Your Tribe

  • Employees Team
    • COO – key person who will manage your team of employees
    • Personal assistant
    • Support
    • Developers
    • Closers
    • Director de Marketing
    • Videographer
    • Web designer
    • Webmaster
    • Copywriter

Free Lancers / in house / outsourcing

Create a real network of experts to help you, if there are no such specialists create them,,,

The freelancer allows you to have all the flexibility you need for most tasks, maintain the fixed team as short as possible and use freelancers only when you need them.

Recognize frequently all the good work of people, positive reinforcement, create goals, special awards when these goals are met.

As in your team business pass your vision, mission and infect your team with it.

  • Business Team
    • Give a name to your team
    • Develop team and help spirit
    • Create a strong brandaround your team
    • Vision and Mission of your team
    • Factory of Leaders and Leadership
    • Create your team site
      • First steps
      • How to
      • Levels of advancement with corresponding tasks and tutorials for each task
      • Training webinars
      • Live events
      • Support tools
      • Regular communication with the team
    • Turn your team into a movement
    • Ask your team for help to execute all I have talked above. People love to get involved, participate, and help to create something that is also theirs. You supply the vision, coordinate the evolution and way to take, at least in the beginning
    • Establish levels of leadership in your group, allow that the highest level of leadership to help in decision making
    • Help create better leaders and stronger than you
    • One day, your team is a living organ, with own identity and life. Inspire it by example without trying to control since leadership is incontrollable
    • Be the best of yourself and your team will grow at your image
    • Always recognize the progress in your team, create incentive programs and concretion levels
    • Make your decisions in relation to your team always based in what’s best for your team and not what’s best for you. Remember that the best for your team is the best for you, what’s best for you it’s not always best for your team

When building teams, there will always be people who leave and people staying until day they leave. If that person turned away he may probably have felt that he has another path. Don’t take it so seriously. Don’t think it’s personal failure or disappointment.
Sometimes people leave the hard way, hurting us in the process. Do not take it personally, do not promote disagreement, let it go. Do not close doors if one day he/she wants to come back. It does not matter if she/he moves away, what matters is how much you’ve helped that person to improve her/his life while he/she was with you.

You attract people like you. It is said that opposites attract each other. In terms of leadership you will always attract people like you. If you want strong leaders in your organization, YOU have to be this stronger leader first. People follow you until the moment they realize they cannot learn or that your relationship does not back him more income, (income may be at several levels).

While there is symbiosis, people remain connected to the team. This symbiosis can be on several levels:

  • Financial
  • Amusement
  • To belong to something great
  • To belong to a cause
  • Social interaction
  • Personal challenge
  • Learning/personal appreciation
  • Status
  • Appeal for leading

10 – Your systems

  • If a task is repetitive, turn that task into a system, create tutorials so that that task may be easily taught
  • Your value per hour = Value to Earn year / (no. Of hours you want to work day * no. Of days per week * no. Of weeks you want to work)
  • Delegate tasks that are paid bellow that value. Execute tasks with that value that you cannot delegate

Remember that you don’t need to be an expert in many things. You only need to put experts doing what you don’t know or you don’t want to make.

11 – Have fun

  • That is probably the most important part. When we love what we do, we never work a single day in your life
  • Don’t pay the price, enjoy the price
  • Remember that the important is not to get to a certain destination/goal, but the way to get there
  • Follow that path having fun. Make people around having fun
  • Do not focus on the Money, the money is a consequence of being happy
  • Take your decisions based on what makes you happy
  • Your happiness contaminates and attracts others
  • Smile

Don’t pay the price, enjoy the price. One of the advantages of team work is that we can have fun with many people. Here are some examples of activities that I have organized for my group:


12 – Give back

  • Create a social aid group inside your business team
  • Motivate the appearance of people within the organization who greatly desire to contribute, to be successful people in life and that their main focus right now is to help others
  • Promote the creation of social aid projects and involve all your structure be it your business team or your team of employees
  • The effect is simply wonderful, fantastic, magical and very rewarding
  • Use these solidarity actions as an excellent marketing platform
  • Involve your mentors in these actions
  • Involve the community within your niche market
  • Involve the community in general

Examples of social actions already taken:


This list may seem daunting, but do you know how an elephant eats?

One bite at the time!

Many of these things did not even reach over half a million in sales. I was had been building this structure over time. However, there are basic things you should have to begin with, but that I’ll explain later.

Follow this post regularly. If you want me to tell you whenever I make changes, register on:

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