In London on a bed of an Hotel at 2:51 am …

I got a little at London, I am currently in my room of Hotel to hear the fantastic call that Lazy Millioniares did with my friend David Wood founder of Empower Network and Aaron Rashkin.

The pride that I have to see a series of friendly people, that I feel truly family who once believed it was possible to change their life leading this Hangout with David Wood, hear the story of David Wood is simply magical to me.

Listen David Wood speaking affectionately about what we built in the last two years is wonderful.

But I wanted to talk about other feeling that comes to my mind at this point that is just amazing.

For years and years I followed mentors from distance, to be honest with you it had to be at distance, because I had no money to go to Internet Marketing events, travel and above all make the form that could be masterminds with them, because that’s where we really have the opportunity to create mutual confidence building, to be contributory to this mentor so that he is also contributory to me, even if it at first have to pay fortunes to participate in these masterminds.

In fact the event I went for years to events of network marketing, exhausted my credit limit on these trips and then not was left to travel to be in Internet Marketing events, not be in Masterminds with leaders in the Internet Marketing Industry.

Today I see that it should have done much earlier.

Two years ago I decided to take a very big decision about it:

Choose the greatest mentors in the Internet Marketing industry and with my effort and work not only make me see, how to become a person of his confidence, for my conduct action running what they teach, create genuine mutual trust and of respect.

In these two years got it with two people who I admire David Wood and Aaron Rashkin, two years later I can say that not only won their respect as their friendship and confidence, I know that either of the two stands in tiptoe to me defend, help and support, and I the same.

As conquered it?

Learning from them, not asking them anything, working top, producing results, and loyal, correct and being always ready to help.

Because we buy something from someone we have much to start with the default attitude, Give me, Give me, Give me, Give me, Give me.

I did the opposite, I respected the time and energy of them knowing it was not for the fact that they have bought something or as giving you some money to be made that had the right to do so.

On the contrary, I put myself in that I usually be when someone buys me something, if you have someone with that attitude really do not feel like anything relate to that person, these people take me off the power, on the other hand I love working with positive people , with their own engine, which do not complain, they make things happen, who have leadership, love working with people who get an idea, a training and do what it takes.

Having the attitude or give or give.

And that’s what I did and it was with this that really won their friendship, their trust, and then their collaboration, today really feel like I’m at the same level of them and I’m sure they feel the same about me.

At the end of the year I decided to choose yet another leader in the industry in order to learn from it, learn your business model, learn while at the same time.

I continue to learn every day with David Wood and Aaron Rashkin clear.

But here I am for the second time in London for another meeting of the Mastermind Shaqir Hussyin, Shaqir is a person that I am learning to know and admire, is a kid of 26 years, earns more than $ 300,000.00 per month, has an incredible lifestyle and is one of the people in this industry that knows that more traffic, more quickly builds business millionaires in a very short space of time, simply because dominates a series of skills, skills that I want to rule well.

I am on this mastermind firstly because I know he mastered these skills I look for, especially felt in Shaqir an energy that makes me feel good, an energy that I trust.

I’m happy because I could pay over $ 20,000.00 to be in this MasterMind, something that was completely unthinkable a few years, I am happy that I get super important skills for my future.

Another thing really important and that leads me to seriously seek to raise skills in certain areas was feel I did a good job to convey all that I know to my leaders within the Lazy Millionaires today these leaders know as much or more than I feel that I have nothing more to teach them with what I know today.

But I feel a deep respect for the whole team and I feel that the best way to serve them all is to increase my skills to another level, to once again be worthy to lead.

To go ahead seek knowledge that many still have no chance of acquiring or vision.

I believe that the best investment we can make is in yourself, believe also worth very much by people we know and also by people who know us.

I look forward to tomorrow, then I will give news.

I am very happy to work closely with a person with Shaqir and I am sure that the level of knowledge that however you will continue to move further increase.

stay  tuned for the lessons I learn on first day !

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