How to draw the life you want

This is a further contribution to the  super post

Hello again everyone!

Here is Sílvio Fortunato with another video in the wonderful Curaçao island.

Yes, I am still here and I have something more to tell you. Do you remember me, in the last video, talking about acting according to what you think and say?

In this video I’ll tell you how I got here, what I did to have the kind of life I have today.

Everything comes from our dedication and effort. About 20 years ago, I came across with the Network Marketing business, which showed me that having the kind of life I have today was possible. In fact, there were already some people who had conciliated Network Marketing with that effort and dedication and I would also be able to do the same.

The first step is to be aware that living from Network Marketing is possible. Then, I thought: if that is possible, why not having a comfortable lifestyle? As I said in the previous video, think big. To draw a lifestyle according to the lifestyle others have is not ok. We must dream big with what we want to do and what is the course we want our life to take.

I dreamed big and I what I wished was having my own business, which allowed me to be the owner of myself. To be able to control my earnings and my time and, at the same time, to help others doing the same. I wanted to work anywhere, and what can be better than working on the beachfront, with a beautiful view? Surely it’s better than being enclosed within four walls, in front of a computer, don’t you agree?

You can do the same. Start by drawing in a paper what you want, specifically.  Add pictures, if you like. The important is to visualize, even if only in your head, what you want for your future. It can seem odd, butbelieve me it works.

Not everything is easy. There was a time when I gave up Network Marketing. I had learned a lot, but I hadn’t earned much and that made me quit, like many other Portuguese. I created an IT companythat lasted 5 years. I eventually realized I would never be able to have the quality of life I had, so I decided to close it. Unfortunately, I close the business with some debts and that is not a very comfortable situation. That got me back to the Network Marketing.

I had always struggled for my economic freedom, but I needed to find the tools to reach it. I defined my final goal in the beginning and I acted accordingly. The way the Universe creates opportunities for us to achieve what we dream of is incredible. I am a living proof of that. Here I am now, working where I want, travelling and learning with others. But this is not enough. When dreams come true, there are other dreams that must be fulfilled. I still dream I’ll have a house on the beachfront, with an Internet connection that allows me to work without worries and enjoying the environment around me. But I don’t want to do it alone. I want to help you do the same, so you can join me, in the house next door. The more people join me in this dream, the more we will enjoy together in great lunches and celebrating the time we dreamed of it.

Think big!

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